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Introduction to Programming

What is programming
System Software, Application Software, C language
C language: Variables, Data Types, Arithmetic Operators, Precedence of Operators
C++: Examples of Expressions, Use of Operators
Flow Charting, if/else structure, Logical Operators
Repetition Structure (Loop), Overflow Condition, Infinite Loop, Properties of While loop, Flow Chart
Do-While Statement, for Statement, Increment/decrement Operators
Switch Statement, Break Statement, Continue Statement, Rules for structured Programming/Flow Charting
Functions in C: Structure of a Function, Declaration and Definition of a Function
Header Files, Scope of Identifiers, Functions, Call by Value, Call by Reference
Arrays: Initialization of Arrays, Copying Arrays, Linear Search
Character Arrays: Arrays Comparisonm, Sorting Arrays Searching arrays, Functions arrays, Multidimensional Arrays
Array Manipulation, Real World Problem and Design Recipe
Pointers: Declaration of Pointers, Bubble Sort Example, Pointers and Call By Reference
Introduction, Relationship between Pointers and Arrays, Pointer Expressions and Arithmetic, Pointers Comparison, Pointer, String and Arrays
Multi-dimensional Arrays, Pointers to Pointers, Command-line Arguments
String Handling, String Manipulation Functions, Character Handling Functions, String Conversion Functions
Files: Text File Handling, Output File Handling
Sequential Access Files, Random Access Files, Setting the Position in a File, seekg() and tellg() Functions
Structures, Declaration of a Structure, Initializing Structures, Functions and structures, Arrays of structures, sizeof operator
Bit Manipulation Operators, AND Operator, OR Operator, Exclusive OR Operator, NOT Operator Bit Flags Masking Unsigned Integers
Bitwise Manipulation and Assignment Operator, Programming Constructs
Pre-processor, include directive, define directive, Other Preprocessor Directives, Macros
Dynamic Memory Allocation, calloc, malloc, realloc Function, Dangling Pointers
History of C/C++, Structured Programming, Default Function Arguments
Classes and Objects, Structure of a class, Constructor
Classes And Objects, Types of Constructors, Utility Functions, Destructors
Memory Allocation in C++, Operator and Classes, Structures, Function in C++,
Declaration of Friend Functions, Friend Classes
Difference Between References and Pointers, Dangling References
Operator Overloading, Non-member Operator Functions
Overloading Minus Operator, Operators with Date Class, Unary Operators
Assignment Operator, Self Assignmentm, Pointer, Conversions
Dynamic Arrays of Objects, Overloading new and delete Operators
Source and Destination of streams, Formatted Input and Output, Buffered Input/Output
Stream Manipulations, Manipulators, Non Parameterized Manipulators, Formatting Manipulation
Overloading Insertion and Extraction Operators
User Defined Manipulator, Static keyword, Static Objects
Pointers, References, Call by Value, Call by Reference, Dynamic Memory Allocation
Advantages of Objects as Class Members, Structures as Class Members
Overloading Template Functions, Template Functions and Objects
Class Templates and Nontype Parameters, Templates and Static Members
Matrices, Design Recipe, Problem Analysis, Design Issues and Class Interface
Matrix Constructor, Matrix Class, Utility Functions of Matrix, Input, Transpose Function
Operator Functions: Assignment, Addition, Plus-equal, Overloaded Plus, Minus, Multiplication, Insertion and Extraction

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