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Thinking in Java

Introduction to Objects:The progress of abstraction, An object has an interface
Everything is an Object:You manipulate objects with references, Your first Java program
Controlling Program Flow:Using Java operators, Execution control, true and false
Initialization & Cleanup:Method overloading, Member initialization
Hiding the Implementation:the library unit, Java access specifiers, Interface and implementation
Reusing Classes:Composition syntax, Combining composition and inheritance
Polymorphism:Upcasting revisited, The twist, Designing with inheritance
Interfaces & Inner Classes:Extending an interface with inheritance, Inner class identifiers
Holding Your Objects:Container disadvantage, List functionality, Map functionality
Error Handling with Exceptions:Basic exceptions, Catching an exception
The Java I/O System:The File class, Compression, Object serialization, Tokenizing input
Run-time Type Identification:The need for RTTI, A class method extractor
Creating Windows & Applets:Applet restrictions, Running applets from the command line
Multiple Threads:Responsive user interfaces, Sharing limited resources, Runnable revisited
Distributed Computing:Network programming, Servlets, CORBA, Enterprise JavaBeans
A: Passing & Returning Objects:Aliasing, Making local copies, Cloning objects
B: The Java Native Interface (JNI):Calling a native method, the JNIEnv argument
Java Programming Guidelines:Design, Implementation
Resources:Software, Books, My own list of books

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