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Software Project Management

Introduction & Fundamentals
Goals of Project management
Project Dimensions, Software Development Lifecycle
Cost Management, Project vs. Program Management, Project Success
Project Management’s nine Knowledge Areas
Team leader, Project Organization, Organizational structure
Project Execution Fundamentals Tracking
Organizational Issues and Project Management
Managing Processes: Project Plan, Managing Quality, Project Execution, Project Initiation
Project Execution: Product Implementation, Project Closedown
Problems in Software Projects, Process- related Problems
Product-related Problems, Technology-related problems
Requirements Management, Requirements analysis
Requirements Elicitation for Software
The Software Requirements Specification
Attributes of Software Design, Key Features of Design
Software Configuration Management Vs Software Maintenance
Quality Assurance Management, Quality Factors
Software Quality Assurance Activities
Software Process, PM Process Groups, Links, PM Phase interactions
Initiating Process: Inputs, Outputs, Tools and Techniques
Planning Process Tasks, Executing Process Tasks, Controlling Process Tasks
Project Planning Objectives, Primary Planning Steps
Tools and Techniques for SDP, Outputs from SDP, SDP Execution
PLANNING: Elements of SDP
Life cycle Models: Spiral Model, Statement of Requirement, Data Item Descriptions
Organizational Systems
ORGANIZATIONAL PLANNING, Organizational Management Tools
Estimation - Concepts
Decomposition Techniques, Estimation – Tools
Estimation – Tools
Work Breakdown Structure
WBS- A Mandatory Management Tool
Characteristics of a High-Quality WBS
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
WBS- Major Steps, WBS Implementation, high level WBS tasks
Schedule: Scheduling Fundamentals
Scheduling Tools: GANTT CHARTS, PERT, CPM
Risk and Change Management: Risk Management Concepts
Risk & Change Management Concepts
Risk Management Process
Quality Concept, Producing quality software, Quality Control
Managing Tasks in Microsoft Project 2000
Commissioning & Migration

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