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The GMAT For Dummies

Introduction:About This Book, Conventions Used in This Book, Foolish Assumptions
Getting the Lowdown on the GMAT:Knowing Why the GMATís Important,
Maximizing Your Score on the GMAT:Giving each question equal treatment
Applying What You Learned (We Hope) in Grammar Class: Sentence Correction:Spotting the error
Not as Enticing as a Bestseller: Reading Comprehension:Approaching Reading Passages
Getting Logical: Critical Reasoning, The structure of the questions, Delving into drawing conclusions
Bringing It Together: A Practice Mini Verbal Section
Analyze This: What to Expect from the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Getting to know your readers
Present Perfect Paragraphs: How to Write a GMAT Essay, Sentence structure problems
Deconstructing Sample GMAT Essays:Youíve Got Issues: Deconstructing the Analysis of an Issue Essay
Getting Back to Basics: Numbers and Operations, Getting primed for success: Prime numbers
Considering All the Variables: Algebra, Defining the Elements: Algebraic Terms
Getting the Angle on Geometry: Planes and Solids, Fishing for the Answers: Lines and Angles
Keeping in Step: Coordinate Geometry, Using the slope-intercept formula to graph lines
Manipulating Numbers: Statistics and Sets, Making Arrangements: Permutations and Combinations
Itís All in the Presentation: GMAT Quantitative Question Types, You donít need the solution to find the answer
All Together Now: A Practice Mini Quantitative Section
Putting the GMAT into Practice: Test #1, Analysis of an Issue, Answer Key for Practice Exam 1
Explaining the Answers to Practice Test #1:Sample analysis of an issue essay, Analysis of an argument
Putting the GMAT into Practice: Test #2, Analysis of an issue, Analysis of an argument
Explaining the Answers to Practice Test #2:Sample analysis of an issue essay
Ten Questions Youíve Got a Good Shot At:Specific-Information Reading Questions, Sentence Corrections
Ten Writing Errors to Avoid:Composing Complicated Sentences, Wasting Time with Unfamiliar Words
Ten Formulas You Need to Know on Test Day:Handling Distance Problems, The Slope-Intercept Formula

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