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Global Warming for Dummies

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Table of Contents:
  1. Global Warming Basics:Heating things up with greenhouse gases
  2. The Greenhouse We Live In:Looking at the carbon cycle, Other players on the greenhouse gas bench
  3. The Big Deal about Carbon:Solar cycles, Long-term climate trends, The tipping point
  4. Living in the Dark Ages of Fossil Fuels:From Fossils to Fuel, Examining the Different Types of Fossil Fuels
  5. Getting Right to the Source: The Big Emitters, Producing electricity, Using up energy in buildings
  6. Taking It Personally: Individual Sources of Emissions:Driving Up Emissions: Transportation and Greenhouse Gases
  7. Not-So-Natural Disasters:Melting mountain glaciers, Putting a brake on the Gulf Stream
  8. Risking Flora and Fauna: Impacts on Plants and Animals:Understanding the Stresses on Ecosystems
  9. Hitting Home: Global Warmingís Direct Effect on People:Other problems worsened by global warming
  10. Voting for Your Future: What Governments Can Do, Creating incentives, Planning for emissions trading
  11. Beyond Borders: Progress on a Global Level, Why Global Agreements Are Important
  12. Developing in the Face of Global Warming:Growing Concerns, Choosing Sustainable Development
  13. A Whole New World of Energy:Changing the Way Civilization Uses Oil, Combining heat and power
  14. Show Me the Money: Business and Industrial Solutions, Considering individual industries
  15. Activists without Borders: Non-Governmental Organizations, Educating people
  16. Lights, Camera, Action: The Media and Global Warming, Growing News Coverage
  17. Taking the High Road:Opting Out of Automobiles, Joining the Real Mile-High Club
  18. Making a Difference at Home and Work:Home, Carbon-Free Home, Cutting Back on Waste
  19. Ten Things You Can Do Today to Slow Global Warming:Driving Smart
  20. Ten Inspiring Leaders in the Fight Against Global Warming:The Politicians
  21. Top Ten Myths about Global Warming:Carbon Dioxide Isnít a Big Factor, People Can Adapt
  22. Ten Online Global Warming Resources:Sticking with the Science, Going Governmental
  23. Index