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Brand Management

UNDERSTANDING BRANDS – INTRODUCTION:Functions of Brand Management, Sales forecast, Brand plan
INTRODUCTION:Brand Value and Power, Generate Profits and Build Brand Equity
BRAND MANIFESTATIONS/ FUNDAMENTALS:Brand identity, Communication, Differentiation
BRAND MANIFESTATIONS/ FUNDAMENTALS:Layers/levels of brands, Commitment of top management
BRAND CHALLENGES:Consumer Revolt, Media Cost and Fragmentation, Vision
STRATEGIC BRAND MANAGEMENT:Setting Objectives, Crafting a Strategy, The Brand Mission
BRAND VISION:Consensus among management, Vision Statement of a Fast Food Company, Glossary of terms
BUILDING BRAND VISION:Seek senior management’s input, Determine the financial contribution gap
BUILDING BRAND VISION:Collect industry data and create a brand vision starter, BRAND PICTURE,
BRAND PICTURE:Brand Value Pyramid, Importance of being at pinnacle, From pinnacle to bottom
BRAND PERSONA:Need-based segmentation research, Personality traits through research
BRAND CONTRACT:The need to stay contemporary, Summary
BRAND CONTRACT:How to create a brand contract?, Brand contract principles, Understand customers’ perspective
BRAND CONTRACT:Translate into standards, Fulfill Good Promises, Uncover Bad Promises
BRAND BASED CUSTOMER MODEL:Identify your competitors, Compare your brand with competition
BRAND BASED CUSTOMER MODEL:POSITIONING, Product era, Image Era, An important factor
POSITIONING:Strong Positioning, Understanding of components through an example
POSITIONING:Clarity about target market, Clarity about point of difference
POSITIONING – GUIDING PRINCIPLES:Communicating the actual positioning, Evaluation criteria, Coining the message
BRAND EXTENSION:Leveraging, Leveraging, Line Extension in detail, Positive side of line extension
LINE EXTENSION:Reaction to negative side of extensions, Immediate actions for better managing line extensions
BRAND EXTENSION/ DIVERSIFICATION:Why extend/diversify the brand,
POSITIONING – THE BASE OF EXTENSION:Extending your target market, Consistency with brand vision
DEVELOPING THE MODEL OF BRAND EXTENSION:Limitations, Multi-brand portfolio, The question of portfolio size
BRAND PORTFOLIO:Segment variance, Constraints, Developing the model – multi-brand portfolio
BRAND ARCHITECTURE:Branding strategies, Drawbacks of the product brand strategy, The umbrella brand strategy
BRAND ARCHITECTURE:Source brand strategy, Endorsing brand strategy, What strategy to choose?
CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION:Components of channel performance, Value thru product benefits
CREATING VALUE:Value thru cost-efficiency, Members’ relationship with brand, Power defined
CO BRANDING:Bundling, Forms of communications, Advertising and Promotions
CUSTOMER RESPONSE HIERARCHY:Brand-based strategy, Methods of appropriations
ADVERTISING:Developing advertising, Major responsibilities
ADVERTISING:Message Frequency and Customer Awareness, Message Reinforcement
SALES PROMOTIONS:Involvement of sales staff, Effects of promotions, Duration should be short
OTHER COMMUNICATION TOOLS:Public relations, Event marketing, Foundations of one-to-one relationship
PRICING:Strong umbrella lets you charge premium, Factors that drive loyalty
PRICING:Market-based pricing, Cost-based pricing
RETURN ON BRAND INVESTMENT – ROBI:Brand dynamics, On the relevance dimension
BRAND DYNAMICS:On the dimension of knowledge, The importance of measures
BRAND – BASED ORGANIZATION:Benefits, Not just marketing but whole culture, Tools to effective communication
SERVICE BRANDS:The difference, Hard side of service selling, Solutions
BRAND PLANNING:Corporate strategy and brands, Brand chartering, Brand planning process
BRAND PLANNING PROCESS:Driver for change (continued), Brand analysis
BRAND PLAN:Objectives, Need, Source of volume, Media strategy, Management strategy

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