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Organization Development

The Challenge for Organizations:The Growth and Relevance of OD
OD: A Unique Change Strategy:OD consultants utilize a behavioral science base
What an “ideal” effective, healthy organization would look like?:
The Evolution of OD:Laboratory Training, Likert Scale, Scoring and analysis,
The Evolution of OD:Participative Management, Quality of Work Life, Strategic Change
The Organization Culture:Adjustment to Cultural Norms, Psychological Contracts
The Nature of Planned Change:Lewin’s Change Model, Case Example: British Airways
Action Research Model:Termination of the OD Effort, Phases not Steps
General Model of Planned Change:Entering and Contracting, Magnitude of Change
The Organization Development Practitioner:External and Internal Practitioners
Creating a Climate for Change:The Stabilizer Style, The Analyzer Style
OD Practitioner Skills and Activities:Consultant’s Abilities, Marginality
Professional Values:Professional Ethics, Ethical Dilemmas, Technical Ineptness
Entering and Contracting:Clarifying the Organizational Issue, Selecting an OD Practitioner
Diagnosing Organizations:The Process, The Performance Gap, The Interview Data
Organization as Open Systems:Equifinality, Diagnosing Organizational Systems
Diagnosing Organizations:Outputs, Alignment, Analysis
Diagnosing Groups and Jobs:Design Components, Outputs
Diagnosing Groups and Jobs:Design Components, Fits
Collecting and Analyzing Diagnostic information:Methods for Collecting Data, Observations
Collecting and Analyzing Diagnostic information:Sampling, The Analysis of Data
Designing Interventions:Readiness for Change, Techno-structural Interventions
Leading and Managing Change:Motivating Change, The Life Cycle of Resistance to Change
Leading and managing change:Describing the Core Ideology, Commitment Planning
Evaluating and Institutionalizing Organization Development Interventions:Measurement
Evaluating and Institutionalizing Organization Development Interventions:Research Design
Evaluating and Institutionalizing Organization Development Interventions
Interpersonal and Group Process Approaches:Group Process
Interpersonal and Group Process Approaches:Leadership and Authority, Group Interventions
Interpersonal and Group Process Approaches:Third-Party Interventions
Interpersonal and Group Process Approaches:Team Building, Team Building Process
Interpersonal and Group Process Approaches:Team Management Styles
Organization Process Approaches:Application Stages, Microcosm Groups
Restructuring Organizations:Structural Design, Process-Based Structures
Restructuring Organizations:Downsizing, Application Stages, Reengineering
Employee Involvement:Parallel Structures, Multiple-level committees
Employee Involvement:Quality Circles, Total Quality Management
Work Design:The Engineering Approach, Individual Differences, Vertical Loading
Performance Management:Goal Setting, Management by Objectives, Criticism of MBO
Developing and Assisting Members:Career Stages, Career Planning, Job Pathing
Developing and Assisting Members:Culture and Values, Employee Assistance Programs
Organization and Environment Relationships:Environmental Dimensions, Administrative Responses
Organization Transformation:Sharing the Vision, Three kinds of Interventions
The Behavioral Approach:The Deep Assumptions Approach
Seven Practices of Successful Organizations:Training, Sharing Information

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